This flexible system of housing units consists of a series of metal structure elements that can be combined accordingly and placed in different non-used structures in the city. In this project the site is a building block located in the historic center of Thessaloniki on Frangon, Orfanidou, Valaoritou and Leontos Sofou streets. Each housing unit has a Wi-Fi spot as its central nucleus. This central nucleus is a private space for isolation that can be used according to a personal schedule for accessing the internet by the residents of the house. The private nucleus has the form of a water tub that measures 4m by 4m having four computer screens suspended from the ceiling above it, at its four corners and also all necessary waterproof  equipment for operating the screens. The concept for the selection of the water tub as an isolation point, derives from the same feeling one has while lying on his back in the sea. So, while the rest of the spaces inside the house are not delimited by solid walls, in order to provide maximum interaction among the residents, inside the water tub the isolation needed for working on line is achieved while lying in the water and using the screen above. Each water tub is for four residents.